Rilis LWCommerce Pro v0.1.1

Di versi terbaru ini kami melakukan beberapa perbaikan, untuk lebih menstabilkan fitur yang sudah ada, dan mengimprove beberapa fitur yang tersedia.

???? Notifikasi Email
???? Translasi
???? Email Editor
???? Progress Information di WP Admin

# LWDonation Pro Changelog

## [Unreleased]

## [v0.1.0]() (2022-08-10)
### Fixed
- Notification Email
- Translation
- Email Editor

### Newest
- Static QRIS
- Program Progress Information
- Settings : Program Slug
- Settings : Report Permission
- Video in Detail Program
Fitur Baru

???? WhatsApp Tabs by Cooby

WAW is finally organized!

WhatsApp Tabs by Cooby allows you to sort your chats on WhatsApp into tabs. You won’t have to see all chats at once. That way you’ll be able to find a chat thread much faster and never miss a message again!

It comes with a few default system tabs that auto-update:

  1. Unread tab ???? chats that have unread messages
  2. Awaiting Reply tab ???? chats that are waiting for others’ replies
  3. Needs Reply tab ???? chats that need your reply
  4. Groups tab ???? group chats
  5. 1:1 tab ???? individual chats

You can create a custom tab and move any chats in or out of the tab. A green dot is shown if a tab has any unread messages.


Make your WhatsApp Web inbox EVEN MORE customized to your needs! After all, “personalization” is our middle name ????

???? Now, you get to see only what you want to see! Hide tabs that you do not necessarily need ????

Step 1: Open the tab configuration menu


Step 2: Click on the ???? icon to hide / unhide tabs


Step 3: To rearrange your tabs, simply click on the 3-lined icon beside the tab name and drag it to the desired position.


OR if you’re feeling a little lazy, you can also just drag the tab to your preferred position ????

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